Component testing TMS-400

Tangens Delta measuring system - Precise measuring system for the determination of the loss factor

With this measuring system, you can perform the exact measurement of the dissipation factor for medium and high voltage capacitors. With our test system, which is designed for the test field environment, the dissipation factor and many other parameters of a capacitor can be determined under operating conditions.

The excellent stability of the measuring device also allows long-term measurements, on request also with graphical preparation and evaluation.
The test system can be integrated into an existing environment quickly, safely and cost-effectively via Ethernet.

The determination of important quality parameters of power capacitors as required in the medium- and high-voltage range is traditionally complicated and generally not possible under operating conditions. In particular the measurement of the dissipation factor (Tan d) proves to be difficult. To date, methods have been used which are based on the principle of measurement bridges.

For the special needs of the capacitors, the so-called "Schering Bridge" was developed and improved over time. The essential disadvantage of this per se precise method lies in the difficult handling of the adjustment required for each test specimen. Moreover, this principle is not suitable as a basis for an automatic measuring system. With TMS-400 these problems are solved reliably.

The measuring system TMS-400 consists of several coordinated hardware and software components. The modularization allows adaptation to different ambient conditions as well as a simple exchange of individual components.

This provides a measuring system for the automatic determination of various parameters, equipped with the following


  • Powerful test platform for short measurement times with high throughput
  • Remote controllability for connection to a host system

The automatic control of all test sequences ensures accurate and reproducible results at a minimum of test time. All measuring parameters are set in a program-controlled manner, whereby operating errors are largely avoided. The simple, Windows-based operation allows even the least practiced person to deal safely with the test system after a short time without complex work.

Design and measurement functions. The TMS-400 consists of the following system components:

  • PC with a control and evaluation program for checking the entire measuring sequence and all remote control functions.
  • High-precision, multi-channel AD converter, which is used as a plug-in card in the PC.
  • Hardware controller with potential separation as a link between the PC and the measuring signals
  • Two programmable sensor heads for detecting the analog signals