The semi-automatic measuring system shows the field strength profile of a radiating coaxial cable (test object in CW mode) along a measuring path and represents this as a level vs. path diagram.

All the devices (SA, SG) required for the measurement and I/O- modules are controlled by the program. Non-automated functions (antenna changes ...) are supported by suitable dialogs. Measured data are displayed during the measurement process and are permanently stored for future logging and export.

FieldSniffer is designed as a single-user system, in which all required functions / components can be accessed and managed locally.

  • FieldSniffer includes all software modules required for configuration, control, administration and documentation.
  • Suitable interface modules (hardware and software) are provided for controlling the I/O (SA, SG, motor, position sensor ...).
  • Documentation for configuration and wiring (I/O blocks, without measuring trolley)
  • Installation, commissioning, calibration and on-site training.