Planning / Consulting / Training

Today solutions are required for more complex measurement tasks. A reliable partner, who offers solutions to the needs of the customer and meets the requirements of modern measurement technology, is particularly of significance.

As your partner for creative software solutions, we offer:

  • Project planning of complete solutions: "From the idea to the start of production - everything  from a single source"
  • User-oriented software development and test solutions
  • System automation
  • Additional hardware development
  • Design and development of test procedures
  • The creation of test applications as well as the implementation
  • Development of application-oriented test solutions
  • Development of operating and control software

Planning & Conception

As a measurement service provider, we primarily address experimental, measurement-related applications in development, research, testing, quality assurance and maintenance. • Are you confronted with a communication technology problem in the area of high-frequency technology?

Project Consulting

  • Project Solution Strategy
  • System components Hardware and software
  • Project cost estimate
  • Preparation of tenderable documents such as the specification, evaluation, and evaluation

Courses and consultancy services

  • For measurement and message-related topics, which also can be organized  on site.