DC-Prüftechnik CableScope

Approved with permission by U.I.Lapp GmbH

DC Testing Technology CableScope

Modular scalable CableScope conductor test system for drag chain, bending, torsion and Tic-Toc testing

The CableScope measurement system records the progress of a number of test specimens. During the monitoring period conductor resistance, temperature, and humidity (option) is recorded, evaluated and documented. CableScope is a powerful, multi-user database-based test system for Windows.

The entire measuring system is modularly constructed from a group of individual measuring stations and can be expanded step by step. Each individual measuring station can be individually equipped with a number of measuring channels and can be operated independently of the other measuring stations.

This ensures that continuous measurements / long-term tests can be carried out without interruption. This also applies to the case of calibration, repair or, if necessary, new hardware configurations. To increase operational reliability, the individual measuring stations can be assigned to different control PCs.

The communication between the control PC and the measuring station is handled via the locally available intranet; alternatively, a connection via USB can also be provided.

Characteristics of the measuring system:

  • Scalability: CableScope is growing upon demand. The number of measuring points is not limited by hardware conditions and can be extended at any time.
  • Flexibility: Meter (Ohmmeter) can be exchanged for models from other manufacturers. Customize or extend the object library with a dynamic driver concept.
  • Operational safety: Failure of a measuring station does not interfere with the overall system. Parts of the entire system can be exchanged during operation (hot-plug capable).
  • Security / availability of the data: The CableScope SQL-Database is located on the normal network server. This provides automatic backup and traceability.
  • Border monitoring: Automatic e-mail messages to the process manager
  • Programmability: Possibility of free programmability of test sequences and evaluations. The test sequences can be stored and can be loaded at any time for new measurement series as specifications.
  • Process monitoring: Generating emails to the process owner, e.g. Notes on the inspection of the product. Test report with report generator.
  • Low network load / high security: The poll principle does not require a permanent connection between the clients and the server.
  • Different programs for evaluation / configuration and operation: Individual program parts can be adapted cost-effectively without affecting the entire system.
  • Use of IPCs: No special adaptations or preparations required, high availability and stability. For increased requirements also fanless and with Compact Flash
  • Traceable calibration: The measuring system CableScope does not determine the accuracy but the ohmmeter used
  • Data processing based on database: Subsequent evaluation options, e.g. History and statistics. Graphics, test results, statistics, test parameters and comment fields are freely configurable.

The features and functionality of the CableScope can also be adapted to other areas and measurement tasks, Pressure, humidity, temperature, vibration.